Sincoole technology is rugged smart terminal supplier from china, the products include, rugged tablet, Barcode rugged tablet, Barcode handheld terminal, HF rugged tablet, 4G LTE rugged tablet, UHF rugged tablet, UHF handheld terminal, LF 125KHz rugged tablet, LF handheld terminal, IP67 and IP68 rugged tablet and handheld terminal.
   The products had been use in outdoor sport, Outdoor working, Police and so on, For example: rock climbing, mountain biking, motorbike expedition and so on. the outdoor career include drilling Aerospace, aviation, navigation, traffic engineering, Map And so one.

   We promise provide stable and rugged products for outdoor  and industrial industry. and help the global production with smart terminal.

   Sincoole base on honestly, hope to be your long term partner.